About Us

LILOU is committed to making Colorado buildings beyond green; safe, beautiful, energy efficient and supportive of human health and wellness.  We are a woman owned company. Local – Licensed – and Insured.

We do residential and commercial roof replacement, and specialize in customer service and high quality workmanship.

We offer leading edge silicone roof coatings that save tons of landfill waste. Silicone roof coating systems  provide a proven guaranteed  solution for renewing your weathered roof. Applied to existing roof surfaces to create a seamless membrane that protects against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light and severe weather.

We are the only roofing company in Colorado that offers expert EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) building assessment and remediation.

Each roof is unique. Each client is unique.

We walk you through the process of filing an insurance claim and help you thoroughly understand your claim and your options. We take the time to install our roofs right the first time by understanding what is required to get the job done in advance.

Our commitment is to find the right roof materials and colors to meet each customer’s and each building’s specific needs. We install roofs that soundly protect buildings from the elements and that add value, beauty, curb appeal and heating and cooling efficiency. We go one step further offering you services to protect your building from EMR sources outside as well as inside, striving to mimic the natural balance of nature and create building environments that support vitality and health.

Lilou Roofing is proud to be a Silicon Roofing Level One Qualified Applicator.

Call us today at 303.919.7592!

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