Insurance Information

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a T-lock roof. How much damage is required to warrant replacement by the insurance company?

Typically the insurance company will replace a T-Lock roof if there is ANY damage. The roof is not repairable. It has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured.

Is hail damage typically visible from the ground?

Hail damage is rarely visible from the ground. An adjuster has to be within several feet of the damaged spot on the roof to see damage.

Why is the first check sent by the insurance company not for the full amount?
Often for claims for $7500 or more the insurance company will pay the depreciated value of the claim up front. Typically on non-rental properties, the additional money will be sent after the job is complete. This is referred to as “recoverable depreciation”. The total amount insurance will pay out is the Replacement Cost Value or RCV.

The adjuster has found more than roof damage. Windows and other things have been damaged. Can Lilou also perform these repairs?

Yes. Lilou will complete the roof and gutter replacement and other repairs will be considered on a case by case basis.

The insurance company included my mortgage companies name on the check. What do I do?

It is common on higher value claims for the insurance companies to include the mortgage company. It is best to call your mortgage company and inform them you have a check from an insurance claim and need to speak with the “exceptions” department to expedite clearing the check. If your mortgage company or bank has a local branch go to the local branch to have them sign off on the check.

When can work begin?

Once the client has confirmation the insurance company approved the claim, work can begin. A deposit is required before the work begins.

Do roofs get replaced due to wind damage?

Yes. With adequate damage, roofs are replaced due to wind damage.

My roof is very old. Does this matter?

Having an old roof often works in the clients favor when they have replacement cost insurance. Older roofs are more easily damaged and are often not repairable.

My roof was not approved for replacement. What do I do?

Contact Lilou for a free evaluation. If adequate damage is found, the insurance company will return and meet with a Lilou representative.