Spray Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam has been in use for almost 45 years and has become an industry staple. It is flexible, lightweight, and is highly dependable as a seamless thermal insulator. Spray foam will adhere to almost any type of roofing material, and will provide a superb insulation. It can be applied to concrete, wood, steel, tar and gravel, and more!

Your roof protects your most important investment, and is an investment itself. Regular maintenance is critical for avoiding deterioration over time. Lilou’s roofing experts understand that budget is always a consideration, so keep in mind that the energy cost savings gained by applying spray polyurethane foam will offset the cost of installation in less than 5 years!

Spray polyurethane foam offers many benefits, including:

  • Save money on energy bills year-round.
  • Enjoy the quiet from reduction of outside drafts and noises.
  • Block intrusion of insects, rodents, and other pests.
  • Seal cracks and prevent water penetration.
  • Potential for tax credits and utility rebates.

With any improvement to your property, expert installation and the use of only the highest quality materials is key, and your roof is no exception. It protects one of your most precious investments and you should never settle for second best when choosing a company for your roofing needs. The roof experts at Lilou Roofing hold themselves to the highest standards of workmanship and safety, and use only products proven to strengthen your roof and extend its life.

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